The Story

A competition among master builders

The mayor of a large city has called for a competition among the best master builders in the country.

Who can build the perfect city wall in the shortest possible time? Towers, gates and wall sections should surround the city in a well-ordered manner.

Of course, all building regulations should be observed. A strict building code was issued. But how should one find the right master builder?

One simply invented this game! The winner of the game should get the order to build the city wall.

»I'm so impressed by the beauty of it. This is a great art object, and of course great game! Thank you for selling it.«
Yusuke T. from Japan

The game

Simplest playing mechanism, but tricky

In principle, the game mechanism is based on the well-known puzzle game „rock, paper, scissors“. So far so simple.

Each player has a stock of components for a city wall. All players build a city wall that is getting longer and longer. The possible building sites are at the respective end of the wall. And it is precisely around these building sites that the competition develops.

The equipment

Plain, mystical and very, very, very old

Each master builder’s set consists of 7 different components.

The components are stored in small wool felt boxes.

Four master builder´s sets each are inserted into an acrylic glass display.

DThe display is consecutively numbered, with a seal and an engraved signature.

With love for detail

Plain is not always simple…

Plain and unpretentious things need to be designed with particular care. The materials used and the manufacturing technique are very important here.

Each part of the wall conveys the impression that it comes from prehistoric times and directly from an archaeological excavation site on the gaming table. The cool, hard iron parts accommodated in warm, soft wool felt boxes, creating an exciting haptic contrast.

What others say

Opinions of players and journalists from all over the world

How to order

Your handmade, numbered copy

The order should be as individual as the production of the games.

Please simply contact me. Everything else can be found then.


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