the story

Secrets in the medieval monastery

On a cloudy, cold November morning the monks, accompanied by their faithful novices, reach the old abbey.

What secrets await them there?

They find the inscription on a weathered stone panel:


The abbot of the abbey has hidden a secret solution word in ten tomes. The task of the monks is to find this word to enter the huge, legendary library of the abbey.

Only with tactical skill, some luck and as few hindrances as possible by the malicious abbot, it is possible to get enough letters of the word.
Which of the monks will be the first to guess the word?

Well, dear brothers, it is up to you to explore the solution word…

»This is not only a game, but a piece of art. All materials are hand-crafted and top quality.«
Boardgamegeek, USA

The game

Exciting play mechanism

Each one for himself nevertheless one against all. The unorthodox distribution of roles creates surprising constellations between the players.

Each player tries to find as many letters of a secret solution word as possible, as quickly as possible by exploring the abbey with his two figures. The letters can be found in the tomes all around. The player of the abbot, who invented the word, tries to prevent the players from reading the letters by skillfully using his two figures. If the players fail to find the solution word within a given number of rounds, the abbot wins.

The equipment

Rich in ideas, authentic and varied

Each player receives a paravent. Behind this paravent he can read the found letters, hidden from the eyes of the jealous brothers.

The abbot has at his disposal a setting box with four alphabets for his solution word. All the letter boxes of the game are sawn from oak wood, sanded and oil-finished.

All figures, 4 monks, 4 novices, 1 abbot and 1 librarian, are modeled out of clay and are formed in many steps by hand.

The novices rest in the lower case, when they are not strolling around the abbey.

With love for detail

Each game is a handmade masterpiece

Everything here is genuine!Everything is what it claims to be, leather is leather, oak wood is oak wood, clay is clay, parchment is real parchment and is also described by hand, with ink and feather.

Even the coloured areas of the game plans and the paravents are painted with paintbrush and aquarelle colour. It goes without saying that every game is unique.

What others says

Opinions of players and journalists all over the world

How to order

Your handmade, numbered copy

The order should be as individual as the production of the games.

Please simply contact me. Everything else can be found then.