Experience stories

The game as a shared experience

Dive into other worlds with your fellow players. The games are designed and executed as authentically as possible down to the smallest detail, they give your imagination free space – free space that allows you a very individual way into these worlds.

and mystical

interactive, self-determined and „graspable“.

You alone determine the action in these worlds. The framework of the plot is given by the rules of the game, but the dramaturgy, the sequences in detail, all this is ultimately only determined by the protagonists of the game. They become actors in a great narrative.

The materials used for the execution of the games, the design and the history of the game take you by the hand.

»These games are breathtakingly beautiful. Collectables, with which the game becomes a special pleasure.«
Frankfurter Rundschau

handmade and

Games of extraordinary value

Even if the games seem elaborate at first sight, they are actually rather minimalistic in their layout. They are as „material-authentic“ as possible. What looks like wood is wood, what looks like gold is gold. Ceramic is ceramic and leather is leather. Even the parchment used, for example, for the abbey is real parchment, as it has been used since the early Middle Ages. And of course it is also described with ink and feather by hand!